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Our companion from November 30, -0001 to December 31, 1969
Family: The Denham Family Posted by:

Tucker Calhoun Denham

The tears are aplenty as they stream down our faces much like the drool that formed puddles when you were here…we can’t believe that you, our beloved Tucker, have moved on to another place after spending 12+ years blessing us with your personality and presence…the emptiness we feel in your absence is overwhelming and palpable…your spot on the couch still yours, the sunny places on the carpet, in the yard, on our deck where you soaked up the sun missing your warmth…the reality of a life without the sound of your paws padding around, the clanging of your bowls as you ate, your snore, your sigh, your bark we simply can’t imagine…and yet, you are gone…we have so many memories of adventures and the everyday with you, too many to list on paper but forever etched in our hearts…the boys won’t forget your patience and gentle touch; the woods and trails in the park near our house where we walked won’t ever feel the same without you trotting next to me but you’ll be there as I look towards the blue sky…you are our guardian angel now and we hope you are pain free and romping around with a jolly ball and loud squeaky toy in your mouth, a twinkle in your eye, feasting on scrambled eggs, roast chicken and peanut butter.  You loved us with every look of those soulful eyes and we can only hope you know how very much you are loved and will forever be remembered.

You live on Tucker bear in our hearts and souls, you will forever be our first kid,  big brother, constant companion and gentle giant.  xoxo 



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