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Cookie Dog

Our companion from November 30, -0001 to August 31, 2010
Family: Teresa Hershey Posted by: Teresa Hershey

My husband and I got Cookie 2 years after we were married. I was still in college and we were living in married student housing and weren't allowed to have dogs.  We had been wanting a dog for so long, and since we knew we would be moving into a house soon, we went ahead and got Cookie. 

We found her at the St. Paul humane society.  She was 4 months old and she had her head in a cone because she had just been spayed.  She had huge ears that flopped sideways over her head.  The cone made her ear situation worse and of course made her even more endearing.  We snuck her in and out of our apartment for about a month before we moved into a house.  I'm sure all of our neighbors knew what was going on because she hated the first couple of weeks in the kennel.  She would howl and scratch the kennel floor at night.  Putting a blanket over the kennel and sleeping on the couch next to her finally made her settle down.

When we moved into our first house in rural Le Sueur, Cookie made friends with a neighbor horse.  She used to escape our yard and run across the road to the horse's pasture.  Cookie and the horse would run back and forth together across the pasture.  What a neat experience to see 2 different animal species having fun together!

Cookie was present for all of our big mile stones; my first job, our 2 kids, our move back to the big city.  She made friends with every human visitor that came to our house, and most dog visitors.  There were certainly dogs she liked and didn't like though, and it was interesting to see the relationships she formed with the neighborhood canines.  It is so fun when your dog makes friends with other dogs, and her friends in the neighborhood loved her.  One of her friends, Millie a basset hound cross, would wander over regularly.  I would sometimes look outside and see a play date in progress. 

Cookie developed splenic hemangiosarcoma when she was 10 years old.  This cancer of the spleen is very aggressive, and usually by the time it is diagnosed it has already spread through the body.  She had her spleen removed to stop internal bleeding, but within 1 week of the surgery she threw a blood clot to a front leg which caused severe and crippling swelling.  We elected to let her go.  We knew she only had a short amount of time left anyway, and the pain from her leg prevented her from walking more than a couple of feet. 

Cookie will be always be loved, and missed dearly.  We were lucky to share our lives with her for the short amount of time she was with us. Goodbye Cookie and God Bless.  

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