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How do I Prepare for Travel?

dog carHow do I prepare for travel?


Preparing for travel with your pet can be a long process, with travel to some locations taking up to six months of preparation for a pet to fulfill the necessary requirements. To ensure there are no issues with timing, Westgate strongly encourages you to check the APHIS website as early as possible. 

Although Westgate is here to help you get organized and to facilitate testing, vaccines, and exams, doing your own research will streamline the process and will help you to avoid any unexpected hurdles. Please refer to the checklist below for a step by step guide on determining the requirements for your destination and getting ready for travel. Once you have completed the checklist, please call the clinic so that you can be put in contact with our health certificate staff.

The first questions are how are you traveling and where are you going? The requirements are different depending on your mode of transportation and final destination.  Click on the links at the end of this article for more information on how to prepare for travel.

If you are going to be traveling internationally, or to Hawaii, begin preparations for travel 1 year in advance.  Certain countries require rabies titers. The timing of these titers is important with respect to the date the vaccine was given, and when you intend to travel.   Each country’s requirements are different, and they change frequently! Having a successful and easy trip requires cooperation and teamwork between client, doctor and staff at Westgate Pet Clinic.  Please try to make any necessary travel appointments with the same doctor each time for consistency.  Also, please check the USDA website before any travel appointment to see if travel requirements for your final destination have changed.

 If you have general questions about traveling with your pet, please contact one of our receptionists at 612-925-1121 and we'd be happy to assist!


Traveling by car

Traveling by car to Canada 

Camping and hiking 

Traveling by boat

Traveling by plane within the Continental United States 

Traveling by plane to Hawaii

Traveling by plane internationally



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