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Should I travel with my pet

dog-noseShould I travel with my pet?

First and foremost, is your pet healthy enough to travel with you?  A health check with your veterinarian is important to make sure they can handle an extended trip.  Also, it is a good time to update the vaccinations and get a signed rabies certificate to keep with you on your travels at all times.  Depending on how you are traveling, a health certificate signed by your veterinarian may be required.  For longer trips, bringing bottled water (or tap water from home put in a sturdy container) and a large quantity of their food is a good idea.  Also make sure you have enough of the medications they are taking, if any.


Make sure your pet is wearing identification at home and while you travel. A sturdy collar with quality identification tags (or an embroidered collar), and a microchip under the skin.  For cats, we recommend the break away collars and a microchip.  It is also a good idea to have with you a recent picture of your pet. Depending on where you are going, a microchip may be required as a form of permanent identification, and most veterinary clinics, animal control centers and humane societies have the capabilities to scan a pet for a microchip and get a hold of the owner if a pet was ever lost.


Here are some good websites with frequently asked questions on pet travel:


American Kennel Club Travel Tips

AAA Pet Book

American Veterinary Medical Association: FAQ Travel with your Pet

Humane Society Pet Travel Tips

Red Cross Preparing to Travel with a Pet








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