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Top Dog Foundation

Top Dog Foundation

Our goal in this rescue program is to place the dog with a perfect new family or person – sometimes a senior person, sometimes younger folks, sometimes a house full of kids.

Top Dog Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is qualified to receive fully tax-deductible contributions.

The programs - The Sanctuary, the Bentley Grants, or A Home for Every Aging Heart - will find or provide a place where senior dogs can spend the rest of their lives in comfort, with plenty of food, medical care, warm beds, and constant love.

The Inspiration

A wonderful for-profit business called Top Dog Country Club opened a few years earlier (2000) by a former vice president of Marriott International, Jean Beuning. Jean's skills as a successful executive contributed to the development of the exemplary Top Dog Country Club. Understanding the components needed to provide quality service and care from her days at Marriott, Jean Beuning expanded these skills and attributes to include her four-legged guests. This luxury resort, or "un-kennel," provides a country-club stay for dogs while their people are vacationing, relocating, or traveling on business. Continuously booked, averaging 99% occupancy, Top Dog Country Club is in great demand among dog owners who want the security of knowing their dog will get five-star care.

The Starting Line-Up

Jean and her husband, Curt, are both founding board members of Top Dog Foundation which has its own board of directors. They were joined by remarkable supporters as volunteers to help advance the work of the foundation, bring more interested people to the cause, and undertake funding steps that have been remarkable in a short time. A Board of Directors was formed and the foundation received continuing support from the public and regular donations from the "un-kennel" Top Dog Country Club.

Program Expansion

In mid-2010, discussion about making a greater current impact through rescue/adoption programs resulted in a new way to help older people in our community who may miss the companionship and social time that once came from their work, a younger family, and a neighborhood from the past. Isolation and loneliness are predominant emotional challenges for our "seniors" – and to no one's surprise, the same is true for senior dogs !

A Home for Every Heart

Put two senior beings together – a senior person (or family) and a senior dog – and the hearts do the rest. Companionship, attention, love, unconditional acceptance, and shared affection become a regular part of life for the dog and the person.

Through rescue groups and shelters, veterinarians, public information, peace officers, and other sources we learn of senior dogs that as strays, abandoned, or surrendered, are expected to fare poorly among the large "pool" of potential adoptees. Age or health conditions typical in senior dogs do not improve their odds that are already poor because adopting families often favor "younger" dogs.

Donation: Our donation went to the animals currently being cared for. The money goes to vaccines, preventative care, food, and bedding to keep the animals comfortable and healthy.

Donation date: June 2013 and December 2013


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