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Basic Needs of a Pet

Basic Needs of a Pet

Having any pet requires taking of responsibility. It is never an easy thing to do as all pets, whatever you pet is, needs to be provided with their basic needs. Providing your pet’s needs will tell them you care for them and you love them. Hence, below are the basic needs any pet should be provided.


Pet needs food like human as it gives energy. Food is vital for any pet, but it should also be taken into consideration that giving any food is not enough. It          should be ensured that the right food as well as the right amount will be        given to your pet. Remember that too little or too much provision of food is a       wrong practice as this will more likely cause health problems to your pet.      Also remember that fresh food must be given to them every day and to keep           their food bowl always clean to not cause any diseases. Moreover, know what       is not good for your pet to eat as there are foods that are not harmful to     others but can cause fatal effect to your pet. However, seeking a         veterinarian’s advice regarding what food to give your pet is a good way to          properly address your pet’s needs.


Aside from giving your pet food, water should also be provided. This is        always the pair of the food and a pet can survive a day without a food but       not with water. It is always good to remember given your pet fresh bowl or        basin of water to enjoy and refresh itself. Always clean and fill their water bowl or basin with fresh cool water for your pet’s refreshment, every day.           Keep them hydrated!


Yes, shelter is also a basic need. Do not just let your pet lie anywhere under         the scorching heat of the sun or the freezing cold of the night. As your pets,           they are entitled to a safe and comfortable place that will protect them from any harm. Pets need to feel safe also like humans. Your pet maybe living           outdoor or indoor, nevertheless, provide them a shelter. Just a simple shelter       will do.


Exercise is not only done by pet owners; your pet needs it too! Exercise is needed by pets to be healthy and alert, just like humans. Make sure that        your pet is able to exercise some time each day or at least thrice a week.     You know what? You can make your exercising time a fun time; you can        exercise with your pet. Choose an exercise plan that your pet can do and it           will surely be a lot of fun.


Pets need to socialize, too. They are happy when they are around other animals though they sometimes get aggressive, but mostly, they enjoy the     other animal’s company. Also, they like being around people; so, have some time with your pet. Pets get bored and anxious if they are unaccompanied so          they tend to get busy by chewing on shoes or anything. Remember, you are     their only friend in their entire life.

Nevertheless, these are the basic needs of any pet; these are regardless of what pet you have. They need to be provided with this for a happy longer pet life. 

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