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Gearing Up to Becoming a Pet Owner

Gearing Up to Becoming a Pet Owner

You decided to get a bundle of cuteness into your life. You walk into a pet shop or animal shelter and every animal seems to be so adorable. Taking in an animal into your home and into your life is a bigger responsibility more than you can imagine. Some people decide on getting pets and later abandoning these pets because they can’t cope up with the responsibility that comes with pet ownership. So you ask yourself, are you ready to become a responsible pet owner?


Having pets at home is like a lifetime commitment. Dogs and cats can live up to 15 to 20 years. Are you willing to devote much of this time to your pets? Dogs need to be walked daily. You should get up early to make these daily walks. Dogs and cats need to be played. You should have spare time for playtime. Dogs do not like the idea of being left alone for a longer period of time. A part of your time will also be devoted to visits to the vet and to the professional groomer. You should also have time for shopping for animal foods and other needs.

Money, Resources, Cost

Having pets at home entails many expenses. Before owning one, assess your monthly income or where will you get the additional expenses for owning a pet. Initially, you will pay for adoption fees. Vet fees, grooming fees, vaccines and food are just basic possible expenses for pets. Much of your budget will be spent in food and veterinary care and in your first year alone, possibly you can spend more than $1000 for these expenses and probably $500 annually for the following years. Also, take note of occasional surprise expenses that goes along with pet ownership. These surprises are not the good kind of surprises. These additional expenses sometimes are way higher than regular expenses. You may also consider buying pet health insurance, which of course is an additional expense. If you think you can deal with this and money is not an issue then perhaps you are now ready to become a pet owner.


Most pets end up in animal shelter because owners suddenly decides they no longer want the responsibility of being a pet owner. As mentioned earlier, pet ownership is a lifelong commitment. Owning a pet is like building a new relationship. You want to nurture the relationship. You want to devote time. Your patience will be put to test. If you have time and money as the basic requirements in owning pets, this time around you will ask yourself if within you, are you really well-equipped to handle and take care of a pet. Having pets at home like dogs may mean having broken vases or jars. They can misbehave and challenge your patience. Pets can be temperamental. They can be overly playful.

Pet ownership should be equated to responsibility. Responsible pet ownership must not be taken lightly and aspiring owners should be responsible for their pets. Because it is a commitment, it is a promise given to your pets that you will be there for them in sickness and in health.

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