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When you first get your new puppy, make an appointment with your veterinarian. This will ensure that your puppy is healthy, up to date on vaccinations and free of parasites.

Puppies need to be trained to go outside or on a training pad. They don’t instinctively eliminate outside, but will go anywhere except where they sleep. Training your puppy to sleep in a crate can be very helpful with house training. Make sure the crate is not too big or they may go in a corner of it.


It is also very helpful to feed your puppy on a schedule. Puppies younger than 16 weeks should be fed 3 times daily. Leave the food dish down for 20-30 minutes, then pull up the dish for the next meal. When your puppy eats a good amount of food, they will defecate within about 20 minutes. Keep your puppy on a schedule. Take them outside right away when they first wake up in the morning, then again for breakfast. They should go outside after every meal. And on a schedule of every 2-3 hours to start. As they grow, these times can be longer. Also take them out at night as late as possible. Then put them in the crate to sleep. Hopefully, as time goes on they will sleep through the night.


Give them tiny treats and praise when they eliminate outside. Use a special word like “potty” for elimination because just saying “outside” can mean playtime. Sometimes it works best to take to the same area to trigger them to go. You need to always go out with your puppy to make sure they go. Don’t let them out into a fenced yard without supervision. Some people will let them go on paper pads. This only works with very tiny breeds. If you start your puppy on paper and then try to get them to go outside, they may get confused and keep coming back into the house to eliminate. 


Do not scold them if they have an accident as they do not have full bladder control until they are  5 and a half months old. Scolding them just makes them fearful. Sometimes they will go right in front of the door but can’t wait. Do not scold them as they know to go out, but can’t wait.


Keep very strict control of your puppy. When they are not in the crate they need to be watched carefully. Watch their behavior as they sometimes will circle looking for a place to go. Take them out immediately if you suspect they need to go. Scoop them up if you need to. You can keep them on a leash in the house so they don’t run around the corner to eliminate. Once they are trained and trustworthy, they can have more freedom.


If they do have an accident you will need to clean the areas very carefully. If the puppy smells the stool or urine, they may want to go again in the same area. Blot up urine completely and dilute it with water. Use special cleaning products to get rid of the urine smell.  Diarrhea should be cleared as soon as possible because they can lose control.

Keep at it and your puppy will know to signal that it has to go to the bathroom. Usually they will go to the door that they are let out from. As they get older they will have more control. If you think your puppy is urinating too much bring them to your veterinarian to check if there is any bladder infection or physical problem.


By following these guidelines and showing consistency and patience, your new puppy should soon be housebroken and living a happy life in your home.


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